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Welcome to Steel Testing Laboratory

Steel Testing Laboratory (STL) performs mechanical and chemical testing that provides customers with the data and information necessary to meet specific steel application needs. Since 1996, Steel Testing Laboratory has served the needs of a broad range of steel companies, distribution centers and tier 1 suppliers.

Steel Testing Laboratory customers are assured that their tests will be handled by skilled technicians with high levels of expertise.

Our technicians perform precise technical calibrations of the testing equipment daily to be certain that all test data is highly accurate and precise. Steel Testing Laboratory offers complete services to our customers with low or high volume testing needs. With customers in over 10 states, STL provides expeditious service by overnight courier and local pick-up. Test results are promptly provided generally within hours.

Steel Testing Laboratory is accredited by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. (PJLA). Here is a copy of our Accreditation Certificate

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